Flying Into The Sun
an odyssey of track racing and sight seeing abroad


So after, having a big sleep i was up again.

I asked the chap at the desk if there was a Keirin race on while i’m here. It turned out that there was one on today, so i jumped on the underground and off i went, it turned out that what the lad said was a “short journey” was in fact an hour and a half ride on the train with two changes.

We got there eventually and it was quite a sight, it was 100 Yen to get in which is about 75pence, we paid our money and went in. The racing was from 1.30 till 4.30 the first couple of races were the less advanced racing and i was pretty glad that we had arrived at 2.30 and just saw the S-Class elite riders.

The racing was fast and furious with lots of elbows and plenty of head butting

It was on a big 400m track with a special non slip coating so that they could race in the rain, like today

so we watched a fair few races, there is also some good video that i took but, i cant upload it at the moment.

There was also some roller racing which was good fun, i recorded the fastest speed of the day with 72kph

it was a good day all round and i would have loved to make a bet but the system was so complicated that a simple gijen like me had no hope of deciphering it. So as it turned out the whole adventure costed less the 1000 yen, about £5. so a good day out and good fun all round.


Hello folks, so here is the first proper update on my holiday blog

Being your typical man is began packing on the Thursday morning, things went from drawers go this with a bit of panic

Then from that to this and we’re all ready to go

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I’m currently going through a phase of loving the whole 6 day concept, it might be an interest to some other folk.

here are some articles from PEZ cycling about one of their journo’s who went to the Grenoble 6 as a runner and generally the riders bitch

Here is also a look into the life of a 6 day mechanic. It seems absolutely ideal to me, and some thing id love to do at some point

Finally here is a picture of Joop Ziljard who has won a rediculous amount of derney races as the pacer, you can kind of see why. Here he is leading Brad Wiggins to a Euro derny champs win, back in the day.



The legend that is Theo Bos has jut beaten Mark Cavendish in the Classico de Almeria.

It came down to a bunch sprint and Bos took the win.


Hi folks, i’m leaving for my new adventure on the 5th of march, so ¬†unfortunately there are no amazing photos of Bondi beach of massive japanese fish markets, or even Fijian beaches. Not even a cheeky one of ¬†Time Square yet.

So here are some photos of me at the Manchester track league a couple of weeks ago